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Sign up and experience CLASSUM’s AI-DOT 2.0 and MS OneDrive integration

AI DOT 2.0 can explore through texts, sheets, presentations, and much more in your OneDrive to deliver you the information you want when you want. Sign up today and get on the waitlist.

Experience what AI DOT 2.0 integrated with MS OneDrive can do for you:

  1. Extract knowledge and information from extensive data sources, including text documents, PPT, PDF, and Excel files.
  2. Receive instant and accurate responses/answers based on the accumulated data.

Increase work productivity by reducing time answering questions or looking for answers. Empower your organization to find what they need when they need it so that they can make a bigger impact.

*Registration is limited to current customers with a premium or higher plan and prospective customers.
*Experience the integration of AI DOT 2.0 with MS OneDrive.